Would you like to help your community and be more involved? VOLUNTEER!
When lots of people “pitch in,” our community can have more of the “nice to have” things that make us proud to call Lakewood “home.”

As Wendi is doing her job as Mayor of Lakewood, she hears from many organizations, events, and individuals who need some volunteer assistance – and that’s in addition to the well-established volunteer opportunities with the City of Lakewood! Whether you have a special skill or simply a willingness to help, and whether you have an hour here and there or a day a week to share, there is someone or someplace in Lakewood that needs YOU!

Please submit the form below to start on your way to making our community a great place to live, work, and play:

Just CLICK in the blue button below, complete the online contact form, and we’ll connect you with those in need of volunteer help!