It’s UNANIMOUS! Mayor Pro Tem Vote

I am both very excited and wholly grateful that the Lakewood City Council voted unanimously on January 9th to put me into the role of Lakewoods’ Mayor Pro Tem for 2023!

As Mayor Pro Tem, I  will continue to be here to represent and support our Ward 5 residents and their needs, but now with the added job of stepping in when needed during the absence of the mayor at community events or even running City Council meetings. It’s like Vice-Mayor!

The honor of taking this on is huge in its own right but what has been even more meaningful  to me is that the vote was unanimous.  We live in a time where unanimous does not exist very often, and Lakewood City Council does not typically have unanimous decisions 

When I ran for this office in 2021, bringing people together to address the issues we have here in Lakewood was an important part of my focus.  It still is, and this vote shows it’s working.   

Collaboration is working in Lakewood. 

And, as Mayor Pro Tem, I’ll keep working hard to move us forward on this path, together. 

I am so looking forward to the opportunity that this will allow for me to get out and meet more of our Lakewood community members and learn more about the issues and needs, both in Ward 5 and the city as a whole. 

Thank you so much to my fellow Council members for entrusting me with this duty as Mayor Pro Tem.  Thank you  to Council member Sharon Vincent for the work she did in the Pro Tem role in 2022.  And thank you to the residents of Lakewood for your continued support and confidence in me and in your City Council. 

I wish all of you a great start to 2023 and look forward to seeing you out and around Lakewood soon! 


January 2023